Do I really need a certified Translations?

Yes you need a certified translator he/she is the expert in the language pair they are certified in + the certified translator has gone through a strenuous certification process and training before becoming certified. A lot  of governmental agencies and translation companies also want a certified translation for their projects.  


Why should I use MAGS services?  Will it make a difference?

Because our service is fast, accurate and price-competitve, we also have fast turnaround times to meet the deadlines. We never say no to any project whether short or long, from Arabic into English and vice-versa. We try to satisfy the growing demand through our word-of-mouth referrals, effective advertisement and repeat customers.  

Why is it important to choose a certified canadian  translation firm

Because you will guarantee that you are getting the most accurate, precise , reliable translation that will meet your deadlines and you guarantee you get the best price for your project. A lot of foreign translations are not accepted in Canada for most goverment agencies and well-known translation companies and they want to a local translator who is certified in Canada to do the job for them.  

Why shouldn't I just get the cheapest service out there?  Aren't all translation firm are the same?

The cheapest service does not guarantee the best and accurate translations because some agencies will use unaccredited translators with poor quality. It is better to shop around for certified translators and get a competitive price. Not all translation agencies are the same and the most well-known companies will use certified-only translators and in some cases ask for proofreading. You need to have the best quality, accuracy, best price and a translation that meets the client's deadlines.